Bike Repair Shop


At Happy Rental Bike we have a bike repair shop with qualified and professional mechanics who will kindly assist you.

We repair all styles of bikes, BMX freestyle, vintage, cargo, etc. We also repair and tune all kinds of bikes: Trekking, Road, Fixie, Mountain Bike, Tricycle, Trial, Cruiser, Chopper and vintage bikes. If you need any special accesory, just ask us!

We’ll take care of your bike as if it were our own!

Bike Repair Shop Prices

Labor cost 36€/hour
Flat Tire Between 5 and 15€ depending the type of wheel or inner tube.
Complete check-up 30€ (It includes adjustment of brakes, gears, bottom bracket, axels, cones, wheel truing, screws adjustment, cleaning and greacing chain and others…)
Wheel assembly 25€ (This price assumes that you are providing all the parts)
Bike assembly 25€ (from the box)
Brake adjustment 12€
Gears adjustment 15€
Balance 10€
Greasing and cleaning 10€ (freewheel, chain, bottom bracket and headset)
Small supplies 1 – 2€ (oil, lubricant, grease, brake fluid, late cables, gears shift and brake terminals )

Adjustments, assembly, disassembly or replacement of parts prices will be apply as time spent in labor.